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Doctor of Education



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Dr. Sherrie Wisdom

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Dr. Emma Cornelius

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Dr. Gegi Mara Ra-El


In pursuance of analyzing attendance at Midwest Public Urban School District (a pseudonym), the researcher investigated the high school’s truancy intervention program's effectiveness. The research intervention program's goal was to find what worked in the program, what needed to be changed, and how practical the truancy intervention program was. To investigate the program, the researcher used a Skyward software system to collect all quantitative data. The data system gave all chronological data information covering attendance from the Freshman enrollment 2016-2017 school year to the first semester senior year, December 2020. Qualitative data were used to analyze if the truant students’ attendance improved after going through the district’s and the Regional Office of Education’s truancy intervention program. These data were coded and used to make recommendations regarding changes to be made to the intervention program. Secondary survey data were used from the high school truant students’ focus group. Answers from the focus group’s survey elaborated upon the students’ perceptions of truancy factors. The researcher analyzed quantitative and qualitative data and compared the students' responses to create themes from their perceptions. The themes helped determine the consistent characteristics of truancy from the students' perceptions.

Additionally, the rate of attendance was measured and analyzed to validate if the program was working, by examining the percentage of students who continued to be truant after going through the district and ROE programs. The data showed the district program was not working and the ROE program was making small, steady strides. Staff completed a survey that gave their perceptions, and through the data collected from the developed themes, the intervention programs were not deemed effective and needed some changes. The researcher recommends that the district compose a truancy committee to look into changing the current intervention program.


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