Date of Award

Spring 3-2011

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Dr. Bill Emrick

Second Advisor

Dr. Vicki Hedges-Oldani

Third Advisor

Dr. John Oldani


The SMARTBoard is a technology teaching tool that engages students in learning and enhances a mathematics curriculum. This study consisted of data from student and teacher surveys of technology items that are available and which can be used in the classroom, a personal self-interview conducted by the researcher to establish her technology journey, an item analysis of a diagnostic mathematics test to establish a base for measurement, and a seventh grade standarized mathematics test from the state of Missouri to complete a measurement of the effects of technology use on student achievement. The researcher compiled data from multiple sources, which verified that the use of technology in the classroom can enhance student learning. The literature review contains research on the technological items available to both teacher and students with emphasis on iPods, video game systems, handheld video devices, and cell phones all of which are capable of and suitable for use in the classroom as teaching and learning tools. The researcher documented that some technological items students have available in their homes can easily be adapted for classroom use if educators are willing to restructure classrooms. The SMARTBoard is a visual interactive presentation tool for teachers and students to use in the classroom. It is the focus of this study because of the availability of this technology to teachers in today's classrooms. The SMARTBoard is an interactive whiteboard, which becomes an interactive computer screen for students and teachers. The SMARTBoard is a technology tool that can increase student engagement in learning mathematics. This study shows the effects of a technology rich environment in one mathematics teacher's classroom as student achievement is measured by diagnostic test to a standardized state test after the use of an interactive whiteboard to teach mathematics.


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