Date of Award

Summer 7-2009

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Dr. Terry Reid

Second Advisor

Dr. Howard Neeley

Third Advisor

Dr. Dennis Cooper


In this study, the author examined the effects of participation in extracurricular activities on high school students’ grade point averages (GPA’S) and drop out rates. This study focused on high schools located in southwest Missouri. Students’ grade point averages and drop out rates were obtained from high school athletic directors and high school principals. The data were analyzed to determine if participation in these activities was beneficial to students or a hindrance in their quest for a quality education. Data were gathered and analyzed and it was determined using t-tests that students involved in extracurricular activities had higher grades and dropped out less than students who did not participate in any activities. It was determined that schools should not cut their extracurricular activities during budget cuts. It was also determined that these activities are beneficial to the students who participate.


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