Date of Award

Spring 1-2010

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Dr. Cynthia Bice

Second Advisor

Dr. Terry Stewart

Third Advisor

Dr. Cindy Vitale


Research suggests that the character traits of a teacher seem to be an important element in student learning. Thus, when administrators make hiring decisions, they often utilize instruments to assess candidates’ character traits. However, limited information exists on the identification of character traits as they relate to quality teachers and the accuracy of character interview-rating systems. Therefore, this study evaluates the Ventures for Excellence interview-rating systems for their ability to accurately assess the character traits of teacher candidates. The purpose of this study was to conduct a correlation study of Ventures for Excellence interview-rating system and teacher evaluations. Data were collected from 79 teachers employed in the Wentzville School District located in Wentzville, Missouri. Prior to employment, each teacher was given the Ventures for Excellence interview that assessed character traits. These data were analyzed to determine if the Ventures for Excellence interview-rating system successfully predicted the quality of teachers, as measured by scores on the Ventures for Excellence interview and summative first-year teacher evaluations. The results of this study yielded no positive correlation and, therefore, indicated no significant relationship between a teachers’ performance on the Ventures for Excellence interview-rating system and their ability to be a successful teacher. However, it was evident that quality teachers possess certain character traits that enhance performance in the classroom. Continued research might yield better character rating systems for predicting quality teachers. Further studies of teachers with the desired character traits could reveal better information to help develop more successful character rating systems in the future. It is recommended that administrators and human resource personnel implement procedures to evaluate teacher candidates on a more personal basis rather than simply making assessment through their applications, references, resumes and standardized interviews. As history has proven, a single teacher can determine a child’s profession, standard of living, or even his or her quality of life. It is vital that teachers are selected in a manner that identifies the most effective qualities in all levels of learning, including (a) academic development, (b) moral development, (c) character development and (d) social development.


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