Date of Award

Fall 9-2012

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Dr. Lynda Leavitt

Second Advisor

Dr. Cynthia Bice

Third Advisor

Dr. Sherrie Wisdom


This investigation examined the effect of a comprehensive new teacher induction program on teacher retention and job satisfaction in one suburban school district. New teachers are retained at low rates, and districts are spending resources in an attempt to decrease this number. New teacher induction includes supports for new teachers in their first years that may include orientation, professional development, and formal mentoring, and often has retention as a goal. The researcher collected retention data and compared it to the different induction components provided in various years throughout the study. In addition, six retained teachers were interviewed in order to determine if there was a link between induction and job satisfaction or retention. Existing survey data was also considered. While there is some indication that mentoring and comprehensive induction increase job satisfaction and retention, the researcher found no definitive data that would indicate that comprehensive induction or any specific component increases retention or job satisfaction. One unanticipated finding was that teachers with a connection to the school or district community had a deeper sense of commitment to the school/district, which in turn increased job satisfaction and desire to continue to be employed in the district. Recommendations focus on the need for district specific data on reasons teachers leave, the effectiveness of the induction component, and new teacher perceptions. Having accurate data on reasons for exit would allow districts to be more diagnostic in their support. If districts evaluated induction regularly, changes could be made to better align with new teacher needs. Suggestions are also made regarding the hiring of new teachers and the need for further studies that consider the effects of school culture and district demographics on induction and retention.


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