Date of Award

Fall 10-31-2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Dr. Julie Williams

Second Advisor

Dr. Sherry DeVore

Third Advisor

Dr. Kathy Grover


This case study was designed to evaluate faculty perceptions of teaching information literacy within the general education curriculum, the level of collaboration between faculty and library staff, and challenges regarding instruction of information literacy at a community college in Missouri. Using an adapted survey from a 2014 study by Dr. Sharon Weiner of Purdue University, faculty were asked to provide their current views regarding instruction of information literacy at the Missouri institution. Additionally, archival data provided by the institution were analyzed using triangulation to establish a baseline regarding the best path forward to improving instruction, assessment, and student learning. While a majority of faculty indicated they teach information literacy in their courses, the degree and level of skills taught varied. Moreover, utilization of the library was perceived as important by the faculty, but the perception was not supported by data provided by the institution regarding the number of information literacy workshop requests by faculty at the institution. Through analysis and summary report data, faculty identified challenge areas concerning information literacy at the institution and indicated a willingness to improve. Although the results did not reveal a formalized plan to implement improvements, perceptions regarding the importance of information literacy skills and the need to embed these skills into the curriculum provided hope for future collaboration and quality instructional design at the institution.


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