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Victoria Lane is a senior at Lindenwood University, studying Game Design, Digital & Web Design, and Art History with minors in Graphic Design, Studio Art, and Cinema Arts. Victoria writes primarily short fiction and poetry, but she aspires to be a novelist, among many other things. Her dream is to one day become a writer and Creative Director for an entertainment company, creating storytelling media like video games and film. Her pieces have been published in Lindenwood’s Creepy Campfire Stories and Arrow Rock Literary Journal, Missouri’s Emerging Writers, America’s Emerging Writers, and America’s Emerging Horror Writers: The Plains States. Aside from writing, she loves creating art, playing video games, watching films, and reading comic books. She also “collects” collections, the largest one being action figures and other comic book collectibles. She loves learning, traveling the world, and growing toward a better version of herself a little every day. Her portfolio is on her personal website at victoriamlane.com.

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