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Jesse Basler graduated from St. Charles Community College with an AA degree and a Certificate of Creative Writing in 2017. Jesse is currently a senior in pursuit of her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources with a minor in Creative Writing. She will be graduating fall 2021. Jesse currently works at Main Street Marketplace. Her first published story was “Dust Bunny” (published in her St. Charles Community College magazine, Mid River’s Review, 2017). Jesse`s first published children`s book at age 22 was “My Slippery Escape” on Amazon in 2018. She published another children`s book, “The Adventurous Book Worms” in 2020. Currently, she is working on her third children`s book scheduled to come out in May 2021, which continues the story of "My Slippery Escape." Additionally, Jesse loves frogs and basset hounds. She has cosplayed as Baymax, Kiki, and Batgirl among others.

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